The Fanny Pack Comes Full Circle

Many times I saw the fanny pack strapped around my mother’s hips and became red with embarrassment. That American flag fanny pack seemed to tease me, bouncing around in all its red, white, and blue glory. I was a pre-teen, and truly believed the fanny pack was the worst thing to happen to a wardrobe. I have come along way from those years where I cared what everyone else thought. I still care what some people think (my friends and family- and occasionally I wonder what the donut lady thinks of me when I order one three too many donuts for a friend for myself) but the voice I really listen to is that of the most high King. My Abba, Savior, and Spirit. Listening to the voice of truth is not always easy, and surely I listen to many other voices that don’t speak truth. These voices shame me, just as I once felt shamed being in the presence of a ratty fanny pack. When I say voices I do not mean multiple voices (although if I heard a voice with a British accent, I wouldn’t complain), indeed that would be crazy, but rather the voice of the enemy. Telling me

You are not worthy. You will look foolish. You are incapable. You are too young (insignificant, unimportant- you can insert a lot of words here) to do anything. 

Challenging these thoughts is a daily struggle, a constant reminder that none of this is about me, and that I may not feel prepared, but God equips those he calls. It is really about letting go, and giving it all to God. Letting go of feeding into lies, letting go of insecurities and fears, and letting go of my hang-ups on ratty fanny packs. Yes, it is easier said than done- and yes, I have along way to go and much to work on. I have surely let go of one hang up, as I fully embrace the fanny pack and instead of it being filled with my embarrassment, it is filled with the love of Jesus (as well as dual holders for water- nifty). The fanny pack has been resurrected into something new, something beautiful. I plan to take this fanny pack all throughout Southeast Asia, not only as a reminder of letting go of silly hang ups, but also because I drink a lot of water, and seeing as I’m not a camel, I will put those dual water holders to good use.

Romans 12:2

Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will.


Transformed Mind. Transformed Life. Transformed Fanny Pack. Image

Fanny pack fashion
Southeast Asia, 2013



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