À la Bode



I have officially arrived in the Kingdom of Wonder aka the Bode aka Cambodia! Here is one of the only pictures I have on my computer right now, but it accurately describes my feelings. I’m skyping my awesome friend/future roomie Sophie, while showing her a bit of Cambodia in the background. I also have some chocolate smeared on my face- I am not ashamed, nor should you be surprised if you know my eating habits (from delicious oatmeal-chocolate muffins provided by the amazing staff pastors I’m living with for two weeks). After two weeks i’ll be setting up house at my own place, until then I am getting settled in other ways. Today I visited one of the main markets, but am waiting to purchase anything until I scope out my living space. I also went to a pizza place (with cheese stuffed crust) and yes it was quite tasty. A few days ago I was able to visit the place where I have the blessing of working and met all the teachers and staff I get to work with. I was asked about my goats, among other things. It was great and I am excited to return for my first day of work on Monday!! I’ve only been here a few days, but I got back a part of my heart that has been here since I came and went last year. If ya’ll have Skype just holla: Chyanne.Cathryn 
Anyways, I just wanted to give a little update saying that I am safe, sound, and simply delighted. I am even learning words in Khmer, although my pronunciation is a bit spotty. I will update this when I can, but I just want to say thanks for everyone praying for me, and supporting me in different ways! 

Until next time,



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