Khmer Sty

Gangnam style? No, it’s Khmer (synonymous with Cambodian) Sty (because why say the whole word?). Sometimes when I don’t understand the way things work around here I chalk it up to Khmer Sty, because then at least I have an answer to whatever is perplexing me.

The past three weeks I have driven a moto through crazy Cambodian traffic, seen fire dancers on a beach in Sihanoukville (a Cambodian province on the Gulf of Thailand), and moved in to my first real apartment. Yes, God has taken me on quite an adventure. Surely I would have no better partner than him throughout these moments of joy and intense fear. Transitioning during this time has been uncomfortable, but I am still so excited by everything that even getting bone drenched in the rain is a delight. Jumping into my position at the school has already taught me so much, and has allowed me to meet so many awesome people! I look forward to seeing everyone’s smiling faces each morning (and the 25 cent friend bananas down the street don’t hurt either). I am incredibly blessed and humbled that God is using me to help out a bit in his grand plans in Cambodian. While I mostly see from rose colored lenses, it would be ludicrous to not admit that I’ve seen darkness too. There are vast cultural differences (and in some circumstances it is not different in a bad way, not “right” or “wrong” just different). Some of the culture aids the sex trade, and encourages darkness. I have seen how a friend’s relative who is very sick was misproperly treated by the doctor, and beyond the doctor’s misdiagnosis, the doctor also sought out large sums of money (which would not actually help) but my friend was told if they did not pay then they were letting their relative die. Then the community surrounding my friend also told them that they did not care about their relative because they did not shell out the money. Maybe this could happen anywhere, but this happens all the time here.

I know I can count the number of days I have been here with my fingers and toes…well if I had a few extra fingers…anyways, it feels like I have been here a lot longer, while at the same time feeling like I just arrived. I am still a little dumbfounded that I am living in Asia right now, but looking back I can see little ways God was preparing me, and strengthening me for this. I am also so thankful for the support of my family and friends, but especially my family. I know that not all families would understand or accept all of this. When I seriously told my parents, they accepted it. I miss ya’ll so much, but i’m telling you, Cambodia has great food (and me) so you should come visit. I have a really comfy couch that is calling for your tush to come sit on it. Blessings!

Til’ I type again,


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