Comes in 3’s (What i’m loving and learning about Cambo)


Greetings from Cambodia! That is me on the left…In the little yellow cone. If you did not know, I have been a lover of the Cambodian DQ’s ever since I came last year. Being able to dress up as a cone was probably more exciting for me than it should have been… I am still pretty stoked I got to put that on. I have now been in the bode for (almost) six weeks, and I wanted to update everyone on some things I’m learning along the way.

Here are three things I am loving about Cambodia:

1. The Cambodian people. They are awesome, and happy, and beautiful. That is not to say that having a bad day is not allowed, but if you traversed Phnom Penh you would see beautiful smiles splashed across so many faces. Those beautiful smiles cover the faces of those I work with too- they are so great! My new Cambodian friends give hugs and encouragement and smiles when I need them most. They are inclusive and accepting, and patient in so many ways. They also happen to be extremely adorable.

2. How God is moving here….not just through the Pak, but all of Cambodia. There is still much to be done, just as could be said about any country. What is being done through NGO’s like AIM and the people God places there is so wonderful. I can see Jesus’ love shining through individual lives. Individual lives that can move mountains, and affect all of Cambodia.

3. The food. SO MUCH GOOD FOOD. Phnom Penh has any food you could possibly be craving- whether Italian, Indian, Mexican, or American. If you find the right place where the food is done right, it is a lovely time for your tastebuds. Beyond the variety of foods here, I am experiencing so many new foods that I have lost count. I have tried mouse and cricket, and the list will continue to grow. I consider the food to be tied in with the culture here- something that is new to me, and some parts of it are very beautiful.

And here are three things that I was never told (or was probably told, but I couldn’t understand it until I experienced it myself):

1. Being an adult is hard. Learning how to be an adult while living in a foreign country is even harder. You would think having been on this earth for two decades would have prepared me for this. This is maybe half a complaint, but it is also something I am thankful for.

2. You will get stared at. All the time. I’ve even had people take pictures of me. America is a melting pot of colors and cultures and languages. A bit different here- and the people here don’t break eye contact*.
*(It probably doesn’t help that I stare back, and wear cat shirts…and sing and dance at the drop of a hat)

3. You will miss hugs. I am not hug less here, but I miss mom hugs and dad hugs, all the family hugs, and hugs from my best friends. Some people just give really great hugs.

I am excited for the future, and am excited for the present. God has led me to a challenging and beautiful place, and I am so thankful to be living life here with the people I get to do it with.

Thanks for your prayers and love, have a beautiful day!


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