A Hug


I stand to reason we all could use a big hug*.

The type of hug that makes you feel loved, protected, and warm in your tummy. Those are my favorite hugs that leave me twirling and singing…although to be fair it doesn’t take much to get me to dance or bust out a song off tune. I would imagine Jesus gives really good hugs. I also think the Pillsbury Doughboy and the Michelin Man would give great hugs based on their playability.

Sometimes people get so caught up in everything that life consists of they forget to give those hugs, and shut off the part of themselves that receives those hugs. They forget to be compassionate, and leave their empathy somewhere hidden. Maybe this part of them never developed fully. Maybe it never had a chance.

I remember a small group devotion I had awhile back, and as it was finishing the door opened and a little girl ran straight into my arms and gave me the best little hug ever. I didn’t really know this girl, and it reminded me how special that type of interaction is- whether a stranger or a loved one. There is such unassuming joy, and innocence in children- at what point do we lose the ability to reach out to everyone? Making friends and caring about people used to be simpler when we were little. We weren’t so inundated with thoughts from the rest of the world. We saw life as it was, and took situations at face value. As life goes on we put up walls. Surely some walls are in place for good reason, but on some level we should all be able to connect, to break down walls- we are all human after all. We have all endured pain, sadness, joy, and confusion…some much more than others, I have seen that since moving here. Regardless, there is love and potential inside each one of us. We have to understand that some people have the love buried further down, but it is there. It is up to those who have more light in their life to help carry the load for a friend until they can heal from it. It is up to us who identify as followers of Christ to not just take his name, but to emulate him. That means giving out love (and maybe some hugs) limitlessly.

*Could be something as simple as a hug, an encouragement, or a deeper emotional connection.

From Cambo With Love, 




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