Donut Crumbles

It is 3 a.m and i’m wide awake
I suppose I have jet lag to thank
Traversing the pacific is no small feat
And the time change has got my body beat
I feel sad when I think
About all the changes that can happen in a blink
In a flash of a moment your world can be changed
It can be misshapen, shook up, or rearranged
You can lose or gain
Or maybe stay the same
Even if you feel twirled and swirled
With the right line of thinking any problem can be unfurled
Its not what happens
But how you react
And that is just fact
You can choose joy or sadness
Tears or madness
And maybe one precedes the other
And maybe its all of the above
As long as the emotions take you to where you need to go
Then around them you must not tip toe
As I think these thoughts
I remember something I’ve bought
A donut once whole is now crumbled in my hand
Uneatable it is as the crumbles have become like sand
Let my wasted pastry be a lesson to you
Don’t get so caught up in your thoughts
That you forget what is right in your hand
Whether it be donut or a piece of land
Anything that keeps you grounded
Maybe it’s another person’s soul who makes you well rounded
So remember to focus on the present
The past is behind and on the future you can’t get bent
Because you can’t predict what will be sent
If your thoughts get lost in a cloud
You may too fly away and become a shroud
A cloaked and veiled version of who you are
And to all those you’ve ignored it will leave a scar
They may not crumble like a donut because flesh is stronger than that
But if you’ve forgotten to focus on them you’ve treated their soul like a mat
And if you put your brooding before a human
They may choose to crumble
And even though you mumble
I am present now
It’s too late, long ago they took a bow
You forgot to show gratitude
And now they will always be the longitude to your latitude
Maybe your north will pass their east
But that time is limited to a lease
You can’t own a singular moment ever again
So focus on the now and realize the donut in your hand
Before you understand the donut is everything you ever loved and it is turning to sand



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