Humans: So much more than what they appear to be


When I was younger, twenty three seemed so old. I figured by the time I was twenty three I would have my life figured out. I would know a lot, be secure in who I am, and know where I am going.

Being twenty three seems far from the expectation that my younger self had, but then again…in those days I thought thirty was old. Now I don’t really know what I find old. My body will age, but I’m always going to want to dance when a good song comes on, and no matter what my metabolism thinks, I will enjoy a delicious guacamole laden chipotle burrito. I realize that even though my expectations didn’t ring true in all ways, I am happy they existed. It reminds me of how much I do not know (not that I necessarily needed reminding- living in a foreign country rubs that in my face everyday), and in that place I find some bliss. There is so much more to explore, so much more to learn!

I think it is so interesting that every single person on this planet knows something, or a unique collection of somethings that nobody else does. It could be how to mamba, and make a mean gnocchi. It could be knowing every shortcut in a city, and every species of wild fowl. It could even be where your best friend is ticklish, and how your mom loves to have her hair braided. It is all valuable information. This is one of the many reasons that every single human is beautiful and unique in their own way. Every single person matters, and is worth valuing. We can easily accept that at its face value, but why do we throw that out when the going gets tough? Why do we forget this when someone cuts us off in traffic and we use disparaging words? What in our brain slips when someone in need comes to us on the streets and we turn away in un-comfortability? Why do we so often place judgement and give people names that don’t uplift them up? Why is she a slut because of what she wears? Is a douchebag all you see when you look at him?

Sometimes we forget the value of people close to us, but mostly it is strangers. We forget they have stories too, that they are not less important, or more important than us. Every single person here is equal- it doesn’t matter your position in a company, or how much money you donate to people. We are all the same- trying to make it day by day on this beautiful earth. You could be the person that turns someones day around. So celebrate what you don’t know, and celebrate what you do know. Don’t take yourself too seriously, and don’t take others too seriously. Life is meant for living, and living is done best when it runs horizontally with grace, love, and laughter (Unless you hate laughing, then this is not applicable to you).

At the end of the day you can only go forward, you can’t turn back
Even when the odds against you feel stacked
So focus on the present, and each moment that follows
And if you have sorrows let them out, but try not to wallow
Connect with others, your sisters and brothers
We are all humans, we all suffer, and we all gain
But what is true is that when we go at it together we feel less pain
So disregard malice and forget division
Because all you need to remember is you + me = a beautiful collision
Of different backgrounds and thoughts
And the connection we can create can’t be bought
That is the power of love and humanity
That we need each other for the sake of sanity
So like a dog greets its owner
Don’t ever make anyone feel like a loner
Remind them how special they are
And the distance between your two beating hearts will no longer feel far
Because you will realize you were both created under the same star
And no matter where you go and what you see
The fact is you are both human, and that is all you both can possibly be



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