Burning orange
Subtle pink
A painter strokes
Wonder sensed, it evokes
A naked tree
Awaiting spring
Stretched limbs
Bathed in color
Blue swirls
Fluffy clouds
Birds tweeting
Is the only sound
Pink becomes a purple so dark
on my mind the colors leave an imprint, a mark
The bright orange yellow disc
Bids farewell
Reminding the world
Of the life it can bring
Of the birds it makes sing
The light that clothes the tree
And allows the existence of “me”
Into a symposium of color it fades
Into darkness the world wades
Slumber we fall
Til tomorrow when the disc begins to crawl
And the birds begin to sing
And the naked tree bears life of spring
The wonderful disc and its paintbrush of colors
Burning orange
Subtle pink
And with the new day the disc rises to give the world a wink
To remind us that after darkness, light will follow
To fill any void or hollow
Even the ones in our heart
Because as it rises we realize once again we can re-start



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