Breaking The Spectrum

My arm hung languidly out the window as my hand drummed along to the vibrating wheels of my brothers truck. In between Rihanna’s voice and the sound of symphonies he began to tell me a story about Jax. Jax’s mom went to pick him up from the daycare at the gym one day, and one lady who was watching him asked “Is there something wrong with your son?” his mom stared blankly as she continued, “He never stops moving”. Here is wrong in all its forms:

ADJECTIVE // not correct or true
ADVERB // in an unsuitable or undesirable manner or direction
NOUN // an unjust, dishonest, or immoral action

VERB // act unjustly or dishonestly toward (someone)

Before I continue, let me tell you who Jax is. He is my almost two year old nephew. He loves to run. If toddlers could participate in a 5k he would surely outrun all the other babies. He doesn’t speak yet with words, but he speaks in many other ways. He yells out “Ba” just to hear his own echo. He talks through his smiles and the way he purses his lips when you put glasses on his face. He loves to climb things, pick things up, and twirl. He loves if you chase him into his room (in which he will shut the door and try to bar you from entering). He loves wheels, details, and pulling things apart and putting them together. He loves rocks, clapping, and chicken nuggets. He has a belly like buddha, and the amazing laugh that only small children possess. So in response to the worker who asked if something was wrong, i’ve put my reply in a poem, a song:
Jax started therapy because they say he isn’t exactly like you and me
They gave him tests and said there were things he could not see
That he missed a marker or two
Measurements that he missed as he grew
But if you ask me who Jax is or is not
I will say he is something so precious, more precious than anything bought
It doesn’t matter if at 3 he gets a test
and they say that he falls on a spectrum compared to the rest
It doesn’t matter that you assign him a label
Because I can tell you now, he is more than able
He is perfection and nothing less
And this is a point I can’t more strongly stress
There is nothing wrong with Jax, he is a gem, a pearl
The only thing wrong is the way you see the world
Wrong implies bad
And to compare him to a subjective normal is just sad
Because an orange can never be an apple
And a water can never be a snapple
All I know is he has a smile thats electric
And a pace of life that is hectic
And what he can or cannot do
doesn’t make him any less true
It doesn’t encompass or define his soul
And this statement I would like to hang from every pole
With your words and the way you say them be gentle
Because every person has a soul thats sentimental 
You never know what someone is dealing with
So if you don’t possess understanding I ask you to plead the fifth 
Everyone is different, so don’t expect ‘normal’ 
Because normal is subjective in the formal
sense of the word
and to think of a 2 year old as wrong is just absurd
So unless you want to tell me you love his smile
Or the way he loves to run a mile
then your words mean nothing, nothing at all
Because I shouldn’t have to explain that in everyones eyes he should stand ten feet tall
Because someone is only as tall or small as the world makes them feel
And everyone should live to hear a toddlers happy squeal 
So as long as my heart beats
I will continue to chase him through the streets
Speaking to him through tickles and smiles
Praying the world doesn’t place him into files
Based on what they may think
Because he can’t be defined
Confined, or combined
To look like anything else than what he is
A precious soul, A precious gift
I hope this brings comfort to anyone who has gone through a similar situation. The only thing that makes me sad about Jax has nothing to do with him at all. I only feel pain when I think about how the world doesn’t always try to understand, and that is what prompted me to write this. The truth is he is only two, and one day he could easily fit in to all the standards that society sees as normal. He could pass all the man-made tests. But many people remain different, and we should celebrate differences. Not see them as ‘wrong’. Because in this discussion, the word wrong doesn’t belong.

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