The Atoms That We Are

An effort, a reminder, to say that when we focus on all the things we have in common, rather than our differences, then we can see things as they really are.


There is only one of me
There will never be another
Even compared to those who are similar like a brother
But my traits, bones, and atoms cannot be mimicked
And to pretend otherwise would be living a gimmick
There will only ever be one
Like me who lives under the sun
Just as every human I meet
Will always occupy a seat
At the table of humanity
Because to ignore them is insanity
Because to say my life is important
Comes from a place of favor and fortune
And with it comes a reminder
That we all come from the same minder
Of men and that each life is one of a kind
And that our blood and humanity unites us, it binds
There atoms, traits, and bones
Remind us that we are never alone
Because we are all flesh and blood
And we survive tornado, thunder, and flood
Just so we can take another breath
And with air in our lungs we escape death
And every footstep we take
Is an imprint we make
On this earth and the people around us
So step mindfully
And to those around you act kindly
Because we all board the same bus
To the same destination
So while you wait at the station
Enjoy the journey and every part
From the start
Because where you are going matters less
Than every breath you experience, whether joy or mess
Appreciate every atom that you possess
And remember you are perfectly you, nothing more, nothing less



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